Saturday’s round got off to a shaky start. Or maybe an inconsistent start would be more accurate. I was paired up with a group of guys who grew up together and were now in their late twenties. They turned out to be fun playing partners, if not the best golfers, and it took me awhile to get into a rhythm.

Campbell’s Scottish Highlands May 16th 2020

I grinded out a 46 on the front 9 which included 3 bogeys, a double, and 2 triple bogeys. Things went much better on the back 9. I rattled off 6 pars on the first 7 holes before finishing with a double bogey, bogey for a 39. I can’t remember the last time I shot under 40 for 9 holes, and I left the course feeling excited for my next round.

Handicap down to 16.8.