This means two things. One, I’m focused on my training in a way I haven’t in years. Two, no one is going to read this.

A few months ago I decided to try something new with my running goals. Instead of setting racing goals, I set a few training goals. In the past I would set goals such as, I want to break 16 minutes for the 5k (never happened), or I want to break 4:30 for the mile (happened in 2011). Over the last couple years my racing goals became more modest, but even those I failed to hit. This year my goals were focused on training, and I believe they are if not easy to obtain, at least something I know I can accomplish with dedication and a little bit of luck.

My first goal was to run everyday for a month. I believe the most consecutive days of running I’ve ever done is 21 or 22 days. I wasn’t going to worry about total mileage for the month, I was just going to get in a run everyday. I was planning on doing this in July or August because I thought my schedule might allow for more flexibility. Then I found myself 20 days into April without having missed a day and decided to just close out the month and check this one goal off my list. The streak started on March 29 and went through April 30th so I actually went a few days over. I ended up running 205 miles for April, marking only the 3rd time in as many years I’ve gone over 200 miles in a month. I also ran a 34:50 10K, (more on this in my next post) I hadn’t broken 35 minutes since May of 2015. You can checkout my running log by clicking here.

I’ll write about my other 2 training goals as I accomplish them. I plan to do one in July and the other in September, but who knows, they might come earlier if my training stays on track.

As for Twitter. I deleted my 10 year old account for one simple reason. On balance I generally felt worse after spending time on Twitter. It was a net negative in my life. I no longer see any reason to continually infect my brain with the thoughts of people I don’t know or care about. Having already deleted Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (although I never really used Snapchat), the only social media service I still use is reddit. Reddit doesn’t make me feel bad, I know there is plenty of awful shit on that site, but I never interact with people or go to sketchy sub-reddits, and mostly just enjoy the pop culture news and silly animal gifs.

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