Jingle all the way

Laughing all the the way.

I’m finding I have little to say about my races lately. I don’t know how I found so much to say about races in the past. Maybe because it was all so new, I found the process interesting, and now that I’ve been at it for 15+ years I just have nothing left to say.

I ran the Jingle Bell 5K in Concord, NH a few weeks ago. The only thing notable about the race, was that I won, and that 2 runners drafted off me for the first 2 miles before I pulled away to win by a comfortable 15 seconds.

Results Here.

Wait, there’s no food?

Assault on Mount Hood is a 3.5 mile xc race that is team scored. The CMS masters team won. I was promised free food and free beer. This year the race had neither so it is dead to me.

Results Here.

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