RKR runners take an early but short lived lead.
RKR runners take an early but short lived lead.

When Mike Insler and I started Roadkill Racing 6 years ago I never imagined it would grow to what it is today. We didn’t even envision having a team, just a couple guys racing in silly Felix the Cat singlets, drinking beer and having fun. For some reason that seemed to resonate with people. And as the years have gone on more and more people have been drawn to our message of “Beer & Glory”. Roadkill has always been about competing, about training hard, racing hard and remembering to have fun.

Many great teammates of mine have come and gone from the Rochester area in the last few years. I even highlight those departures in a blog post awhile back. Some I’ve lost touch with, others I talk to often. Some, like Mike Insler, continue to race as part of the team despite having moved far away.

Mike Insler winning the Cherry Pit 10 Miler.
Mike Insler winning the Cherry Pit 10 Miler.

I will now be joining the ranks of scattered Roadkill Racers. Lisa has been offered a position at Merrimack College and we have decided to move to Boston. Of all the things we will leave behind in Rochester, it is you crazy bastards who wanted to race with me for Beer & Glory that I will the most. While I may be leaving Rochester, I have no intention of leaving Roadkill Racing. I have put too much of myself into this team to simply walk away and wear another teams singlet.

Over the next few months we will work to put new leadership in place for the team. Our division captains will hopefully be able to take on some added responsibilities but I’ll be talking to others about helming the ship. I plan to keep helping those who want it with training plans and general coaching advice. Most of which I’ve been doing online anyway.

This is a wholly inadequate forum to express how much you all mean to me. I hope to see many of you at races this spring, and I’d like to throw one more Roadkill party at my house before we leave this July. To all my masters teammates, I expect to see you all in shape and ready to win the USATF-Niagara 10k championships and the USATF National 5k xc championships this October. Don’t think just because I can’t be racing with you all the time you can slack off and not kick some ass.

See you on the roads.


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