On the Track

 I’ve had a light racing schedule so far summer, with just 1 track meet in at which I did 3 races. I was planning on doing more races, but here we are half way through August already. I think I’m going to try and squeeze in a race this coming weekend, a 5k in Londonderry. I’ve come to a crossroads in my training. I have been training basically the same way, and for the same events for 10 years. I think this training has largely severed me well but I wonder if it has been ideal. I’ll explain what I mean after a brief review of my last track races.

Getting dusted by sprinters

While in Poughkeepsie, NY earlier in the month I took the girls to the MHRRC Twilight Track Series. This annual series takes place on 4 Fridays every July and features races from 50 meters to 3200 meters for kids and adults. In recent years it has become more and more about the kids, but still offers come reasonable competition for the grownups as well. One of the things I love about it, is the chance to jump in some events I wouldn’t normally do. This summer I ran the 100m, 400m and then the 3200m.

I forgot about this post and now I don’t want to finish it…

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