Prerace Jitters

I don’t generally get nervous before road races anymore, although, track races still get me a bit flustered, I think that is because in 1 mile race there is no room for error and everyone can see you the whole time.  Road races, even short ones like 5k’s give you an opportunity to correct many mistakes throughout the course of the race.  The longer the race, the more I think you can correct for mistakes, expect for 1… going out to fast.  That means in my upcoming half marathon getting my pacing correct from the start is critically important.


On Sunday May 1st I am racing the Flower City Half Marathon in Rochester, NY.  This will be my first half since I crashed and burned at the Dutchess County Classic back in September.  I was so disappointed in my performance at that race I didn’t even bother to write a race report.  That was before I was diagnosed with asthma, and was still struggling to get enough sleep (Hazel is a much better sleeper now that she is 13 months).  I have been running better the last 6 months than I ever have, and despite my overall mileage not being what I might like I can safely say I am in the best running shape of my life.  So why the prerace jitters?  One word, EXPECTATIONS.   If I don’t think I can do well at something, I dont’ get too fused about it.  When I have high expections for myself that is when the nerves really kick in, and I think I can crush my old 1:18:53 half marathon PR on Sunday.


Now I just need to get through the next 36 or so hours until Sunday morning.   Once the gun goes off there are no nerves there is just the race.

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