I’m slowly nursing my right knee back to health. It is giving me no pain just walking around, but I’ve had to wear a patella strap under the knee cap to be able to run. At first I could only run a mile before I had to take off the strap and rest it for a few minutes. I’ve built up to being able to run 50 minutes before it starts tightening up, and yesterday I even managed to do some strides without the strap at the end of the run.

When I don’t wear the strap I get pain/tightness under my knee cap, but when I do wear my knee cap I get soreness on the inside of my knee where the strap cross the bone. I think that pain is entirely related to the strap and not the tendon. I’m going to keep doing easy runs with strides until I can ditch the strap. Hopefully by March I’ll be ready to start hitting some good workouts again, and be ready for the spring racing season.

“The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”


Over the years I’ve come to believe that most running injuries do not really require any specific treatment. Most of the things we do: icing, stretching, cross training, building core strength (everything is a muscle imbalance it seems), massage, are really just keeping us busy while the injury heals. I’m doing a bit of foam rolling before runs, but other than that I’m just running as much as I can without pain and trying to get on with my life.