After years as a camper, counselor , program director, and cook at Camp WA WA Segowea, I’m now serving as a board member of Smith Park of New York, the organization that runs Camp Segowea and owns the property it is located on. Camp WA WA Segowea has been a treasured sleep-away camp for thousands of children for the past 90 years. Smith Park is devoted to the preservation and operation of Camp WA WA Segowea, the protection of its natural surroundings and historical integrity, and the continuation of traditional resident camping that improves the spiritual, mental, social, and physical attributes of young people in a supportive community. Campership dollars alone are not enough to sustain the many 90+ year old American Chestnut buildings and other facilities. We rely on support from camp alumni, and others interested in making the transformative experience of attending Camp Segowea accessible to future generations of children. This years major projects include repairing the roofs and floors on cabin row, replacing kitchen equipment, replacing rowboats, and more.

I’m asking you to join me in making a contribution to our annual campaign. Our goal this year is to raise $25,000 from people who love Camp Segowea and want to ensure its continued success. Your generous donation will be added to the $3000 already donated by all members of the Smith Park Board.

To make your contribution you can visit our fundraising site to make a one time donation or to setup monthly support. Please visit to learn more about Camp Segowea. You can also mail a donation to:

Smith Park of New York PO Box 4994 Poughkeepsie, NY 12602

Please email, call or text (512-590-2667) me with any questions about Smith Park or Camp Segowea. I would love to tell you more about what is happening at Camp Segowea, and the work we are doing to help sustain it.

With Gratitude,

Joshua Perks

Secretary Smith Park of New York Camp WA WA Segowea