Roadkill Rebirth of Slick (AKA Cool Like Dat, AKA PGXC Series 2014)

I have been struggling to write this post. I am torn between my excitement for how much the team has grown, how hard everyone competed all season and the final results. There were so many positives for Roadkill Racing this fall and I want to make sure I celebrate and share them all without tainting […]

Onward to the Jenny Kuzma Bergen Road Race USATF-Niagara 5k Road Championships

Tomorrow will be my 5th Bergen Road Race. Some of the last 4 have gone well and some have gone very poorly. 2010 17:23 (suffering from heart palpitations) 2011 16:15 2012 16:28 2013 17:12 (on antibiotics for a 5 week bout of bronchitis) This year I’ve managed to come down with a cold after spending […]

Johnny’s Runnin’ of the Green (AKA Freezeroo #7)

While not quite as cold as some of this year’s Freezeroos, the dampness and 15-25 mph winds certainly made it feel wintery enough at what is the unofficial Spring kick-off race in Rochester, NY.  Johnny’s Runnin’ of the Green 5 miler, which annually draws about 2000 runners, is the first race of the year when […]