I am Joshua Perks.  I live in Windham, NH with my wife Lisa, daughters Hazel and Rosaleen and our 3 cats Penny, Mr. Bear and Tygee.  I started road racing at the age of 9 and ran for Arlington HS track and cross country in the late 80’s early 90’s.  I had a bit of a competitive layoff (11 years of no running) before running for Purchase College 2002-2004 starting when I was 28 years old.  In 2009 Mike Insler and I started Roadkill Racing mostly because we wanted a fun singlet to race in. Since then team has since grown into a competitive force in Western NY’s racing scene. After moving to New Hampshire in 2016 I began racing for the Central Mass Striders and have turned over management of the Roadkill Racing team to the dedicated members who live in the Rochester area.

I remain desperately passionate about running as a competitive sport, and as always race for 

“Beer & Glory.”

You can read about my racing, training, and general musings HERE.

Zooming around the track
USATF Masters East Regional Mile Championship

Personal Records

100M 12.755k16:03
200M 27.55 Miles 26:52:00
400M 57.0510k 34:32:00
800M2:06.8415k 53:22:00
1500M4:2110 Miles 58:40:00
1 Mile 4:291/2 Marathon 1:15:51
5000M16:1525k 1:32:56
Marathon 2:41:11

Masters Personal Records

100M 13.55k 16:14
200M 27.385 Miles 26:59:00
400M 57.0510k 34:40:00
800M2:15.510 Miles 58:40:00
1 Mile 4:391/2 Marathon 1:16:20
Marathon 2:41:11