I went to my Doctor a few weeks ago, and he bent me into a pretzel and then straightened me out again. It worked. I can run again pain free. So I’m slowly building up my miles, running 30-40 minutes at a time and feeling optimistic about my health for the first time in a long time. For now I have no plans to start training seriously for any races, but I’m excited to be able to run at all.

The ole puttout

My competitive focus has shifted to golf. This year I have a membership to Campbell’s Scottish Highlands in Salem, NH. The goal is to play 27-36 holes a week and see if I can get my handicap into the single digits. It is at 17.6 right now. While I wait for the snow to melt I’ve been doing lots of indoor putting, and taking regular trips to the driving range. For the next year expect to see a lot more golf content here and a lot less running. After all Josh does run, but he does other things too.

Trying to sort out my over the top first move which results in a slight pull